If you are scrolling your Facebook timeline, you will not miss the 10k Alan Cayetano comments. They are everywhere. Serious, horror, funny, politics, or any genre of posts, 10K of Alan Cayetano will always be posted as comment by netizens.

Now the question, how to claim the 10K ayuda of Senator Alan Peter Cayetano?

Image from: PHCorner.net

This promise by Senator Cayetano is not a law yet. He is still fighting for it to pass and be approved so the 10K ayuda will be given to every Filipino families.

The one you saw on advertisements about Senator Cayetano saying 10K to every Filipino families, that is just a plan and not yet executed as per news.

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Some people say that they already received it. DSWD are said to be the one who will distribute the ayuda/help fund. There's no clear information for it as of the moment.

As a Filipino, most of us are hunger of help. We loved to be helped. Most of us wanted to receive a gift, but not all of us are willing to give a gift. But there are also great Filipinos who gives much despite of having less. Opinion, probably every human race has that attitude.

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But the question is really, how to claim the 10K ayuda of Senator Alan Peter Cayetano?

First, create a resume/biodata. Then look for a job vacancy. Work hard then earn the 10k for yourself. That is much better than waiting for a blessing to come. If we started working our way to earn, then time flies so quickly, your salary is coming all the way.

Why wait for ayuda when we are able to work for ourselves? Why wait for ayuda when we can work to earn, and then fund ourselves a business?

Let us just hope that what the senator is fighting will pass the procedure, but while waiting let's work our best to survive our living.