TikTok star Richo Bautista AKA Aling Nena shed tears of joy after winning the jackpot prize Php 1,025,000 in Cignal & Sari-Sari's game show "Rolling In It", hosted by actress Yassi Pressman.

Image: TikTok/Aling Nena @richobautista

Rolling In It is a PH adaptation to UK's #1 game show of 2020 with the same name.

The game in the final phase is about answering correct answers in order to give you a bigger chance to win the jackpot prize. All you need to do is to roll the huge Rolling In It coin to the slot with the word "WIN". The slots will have the word WIN if you got the correct answer on the question of the slot. The more correct answers, the more WIN slots will appear.

Aling Nena who answered 5 correct answers got 5 WIN slots. When she rolled the coin on the final phase, she was able to manage to drop the coin to the WINNING slot. In just one roll, Aling Nena together with her co-player Christine, won Php 1,025,000.

Image from: TV5/Rolling In It

The TikTok star was known for her stint as a frowning lady that can be found in the Philippines' sari-sari stores, neighborhood, etc.

Aling Nena is now a big time! If it's really your fate, it's your fate.