Exactly 16,669 senior citizens are starting to receive month to month pension from the Pasig City government.

Qualified senior citizens using their ATM (automatic teller machine) card provided to them will receive PHP500 monthly.

Vico Sotto

Wednesday, in an explanation, the regional government said it will likewise plan a manual dispersion of benefits for non-ATM holders per town. It additionally asked the recipients and family delegates to abstain from going too soon to the dispersion scenes and to get all vital reports expected for benefiting of the annuity.

Noticing general wellbeing conventions during dispersion action is as yet required. In the interim, the regional government is empowering guardians of completely immunized immunocompromised minors, matured 12 to 17 years of age, to have their children regulated with the main promoter Covid-19 shot.

Supporter shots for minors can be required 28 days in the wake of getting the subsequent essential portion of the Covid-19 immunization.

Image from: Traveloka

A clinical endorsement from doctors is expected during the principal supporter inoculation for the weak age bunch.

Further, the regional government offers free electric vehicle charging for general society. It has as of late opened a sun based controlled charging station, made out of four charging cases for electric vehicles, with two 220V outlets, permitting the concurrent charging of something like eight vehicles.

The charging station, situated at the Pasig Mega Parking II, accompanies a 12 kilowatt (kW) Solar Grid Tie framework, fit for saving 1,440 kilowatt-hours (kWh) each month. The charging station can in any case take advantage of the primary power network of the structure in the event that the power produced from charging surpasses the abilities of the sunlight powered chargers, the city said.

To profit of the help, drivers should sign in to the chaperon's log book and ought to go through a short preparation on the legitimate use of charging cases. A staff from the city corridor will help drivers however they should likewise bring their own charger and connector. A limit of three hours will be took into consideration charging time.