EJ Obiena, world no. 6, leaped the main boundary toward a leading edge medal of World Athletics Championships as he made the last of men's post vault yesterday --- Eugene, Oregon USA.

image: SpinPH

Obinea, Asian record-holder, cleared 5.75 meters in the capability stage to come to the Final 12 that incorporated the almighty Olympic hero and world record proprietor Armand Duplantis of Sweden.

The 26-year old athlete's other boss opponents who took care of business were American and world No. 2 Christopher Nilsen and Brazilian Thiago Braz, who caught silver and bronze, separately, in last year's Tokyo Games.

Likewise in the last cast were Germans Oleg Zernikel and Bo Kanda Lita Baehre, Belgian Ben Broeders, Turk Ersu Sasma, French Renaud Lavillenie, Norwegians Pal Haugen Lillefosse and Sondre Guttormsen and Dutch Menno Vloon.

The critical point in time for Obiena is set tomorrow first thing. On that day, Obiena will trust and imploring call his entire existence to think of a platform finish that would make him the primary Filipino to accomplish such accomplishment in the biennial meet.

Or on the other hand the most un-the Southeast Asian Games gold victor could do is set another public and Asian imprint instead of the 5.93m he set in the Golden Roof Challenge in Innsbruck, Austria a year prior.