The queen of all media, Kris Aquino, daughter of the late president Ms. Corazon Aquino, and sister of the late president, as well, Mr. Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III bid goodbye.

She bid goodbye to war, and welcome the unity between her siblings. She admitted that they had fights, and misunderstandings, but still they choose to love and support each other.

image from: Inquirer

As the late president Cory, her mother, celebrated birthday in heaven, Kris expressed his peace of mind of having the unity which she knows her mom would love to know.

Kris has been struggling with health issues, yet she is still fighting. Five days ago, she expressed her moments wherein she had to have her eldest son, Josh, went back to Alto. That is for her child to be with the family of her cousins.

Josh and his team's 14-day quarantine was done, but for the rest of her team (including herself) should undergo their last PCR test (happened 4 days ago). Kris is nervous for the reason that even one of them will be checked positive, they will go back to Day 1.

She said that it's unreal that both of herself and son Bimby made a direct contact with COVID plus people, their guardian angels are still there to protect them. Considering that Kris is immunocompromised and Bimby is asthmatic.

image from: Aquino World

January 2021, Josh asked to live in Alto, and while staying in Pradera from Palm Sunday up to close end of May, they visited each other.

Her sisters are also supportive with her healthcare decisions, and she's proud to tell her mom that she and her sisters are united.

Kris Aquino bids goodbye to all the quarrels, hates, and misunderstandings, as she chose love over everything.

Remember her saying, "Love, Love, Love", and that's all things will turn out someday, somehow, or even at this day.

Kris Aquino was hospitalized and she lost weight. Everyone supporting and admiring her prays for her and hope for the best.