On Wednesday, Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. and the Mayor of Davao City, Sara Duterte, did a parade in Quezon City campaigning their tandem for 2022 election's "President and Vice President positions". Despite the hopes of keeping the traffic smoothly flowing and maintaining the social distancing, it was unable to follow due to thousands of people welcoming the tandem warmly.

The grand caravan or motorcade of Bongbong-Sara tandem started around eight in the morning at the front of Commission on Audit that caused unpleasant traffic along the stretch of --- Commonwealth Avenue and other primary streets as numbers of supporters wearing red and green (the color used by the tandem) went out to show their love and support for the two politicians.

image from: ABS-CBN news

The motorcade went to Quezon Avenue prior to finishing the caravan at Welcome Rotunda around 1:00 PM.

Last 2016 election, Marcos Jr. accumulated the biggest number of votes in Quezon City however ending in losing to this term's Vice president Leni Robredo. Duterte's dad, President Rodrigo Duterte, also got the highest votes in the city in the last 2016 election. As per police estimation, there were around six thousand participants joining the grand caravan of BBM-Sara tandem that caused unpleasant traffic (jam) on Commonwealth Avenue and interfacing streets --- to the consternation of the authority who mentioned that coordinators did not have any papers or did not apply for a permit.

Head of the city's DPOS (Department of Public Order -- & Safety), Elmo San Diego, said online with a news media when asked about the traffic condition during the grand caravan of the tandem that the traffic is unpleasant (jam). He continued that the condition is chaotic to the max level.

image from: MB

The coordinators of the motorcade didn't make any coordination or mention a permit to hold the grand caravan event, added by San Diego. Then said that the local government unit of Quezon City doesn't have subtleties of the action like the number of supporters, vehicles, etc., henceforth, a muddled motorcade was noted.

A separate statement was released by the local government wherein it engaged coordinators to guarantee the wellbeing of supporters, just as the residents of the place. It added that it was prepared to give help to the aspiring president and vice president who plan to direct political exercises in the city to guarantee adherence to the base wellbeing conventions in the midst of the COVID-19 --- pandemic.

It said that the local (city) government is disheartened to get familiar with the difference at the top of the priority list by the coordinator of the motorcade and didn't arrange with the local --- government, even as there was a gathering last Monday where the city guaranteed that it would convey at least a thousand of cops and individuals from DPOS, Task Force (Disiplina), Bureau of Fire Protection --- & the Disaster Risk Reduction --- and Management Office.

Marcos Jr's representative, attorney Victor Rodriguez said in an assertion that they were deeply sorry and request understanding from everyone and the local (government), and surprisingly the MMDA assumed the grand caravan had caused unpleasant traffic. He added that they never expected that the conscientiously set down planning applied by the coordinators will be overpowered by the enormous amount of people supporting the BBM-Sara tandem who graced the event.

The tandem of (Anakalusugan) Representative Michael Defensor (running as Mayor in the city) and Councilor Winnie Castelo had organized the grand caravan, and other officials supporting the pair of Marcos Jr. & Sara Duterte. Defensor said that individuals emerged from their homes and joined occupying the Quezon Avenues and Commonwealth to communicate their love and support to the BBM-Sara tandem. They address the quiet supermajority --- that is exceptional.