Presidential candidate Senator Manny Pacquiao said that the government should give exceptional needs to the country's senior (citizens) by giving them the privilege to get free hospital accommodation, maintenance medicines, and medical checkups on top of the advantages they're getting from their discounts.

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The public authority likewise needs to fortify and modernize the country's barangay medical care framework to de-obstruct government clinics particularly with the waiting danger of COVID-19, said Pacquiao. As indicated by the senator, the public authority should respect the country's older populace by guaranteeing that they are very much dealt with in their nightfall years.

He said that there is a need to give the senior citizens all the adoration that they can give.

Since seniors have done their part as residents of the republic and as guardians to their kids so it's time that they honor the seniors by making life more agreeable for them.

He added that we should show our love to the seniors because they are the reason why we existed here now.

The free hospitalization, maintenance medicine sponsorship, and free medical checkups for seniors can be financed from the billions of assets that will be saved from his straightforward mission against debasement which, by his gauge, is costing Filipino citizens no less than one trillion per year, Senator Pacquiao said.

He added that in the event that they can stop the huge defilement in the administration foundations like the PhilHealth and DOH (Department of Health), they can without much of a stretch have sufficient cash to help the senior citizens.

There is a need to make them happy before they leave the world, Pacquiao stated.

Reacting to questions on whether he would permit his mom, Mommy Dionisia, to likewise go along with him in his forays thinking about that she additionally has her multitude of adherents particularly seniors, Pacquiao said he isn't enthusiastic about the thought due to the risk presented by COVID-19 pandemic.

Image from: Facebook/Sen. Manny Pacquiao

He only has one mom that is why he doesn't want his mom to go in public yet. "But if it's just nearby, she can go with us (translated from Filipino)", he said.

Pacquiao added that in case the public authority can stop debasement and guarantee reasonable utilization of public assets, it can likewise fund the modernization of barangay wellbeing focuses and professionalize barangay wellbeing laborers.

Assuming the public authority can furnish barangays with clinical offices that can manage minor wellbeing crises including labor and essential demonstrative administrations, government emergency clinics can zero in on more genuine infirmities and crisis cases, the presidential aspirant said.

Pacquiao said that the Barangay Medical Services or Health System is very slow, aside from having no one wanted to serve as medical experts due to low salary amount, there is, also, not enough equipment.

He added that those ordinary wounds or even those who want to give birth, assistance should be given easily in health centers as long as the equipment is complete and there's a medical staff that can perform the simple procedure.