Department of Health (DOH) confirmed they detected two Omicron (Coronavirus) variant cases in the country --- Philippines, Wednesday.

The two travelers from abroad were reported as two cases for the Omicron variant. The two travelers are now isolated under the care of the Bureau of Quarantine, inside a facility.

Image from: CNBC

One traveler who came from Japan was an OFW (Filipino Overseas Worker) who arrived in the Philippines last December 1st, 2021 via PAL (Philippine Airlines).

The Health Department said that the patient, upon arrival, had coughs and colds but for now is symptomless. The second case was a Nigerian national who arrived in the country via an Oman Air Flight last November 30th, 2021.

The Nigerian national is, as well, symptomless.

As of the moment, the government is now looking for the passengers who are in contact or on the flight with these two patients carrying the cases of the Omicron (CoViD) variant.

Aside from Omicron, Delta variant cases are also found by the DOH confirming 7,919 cases of this variant in the country (as of writing).

image from: South China Morning

The government is advising everyone to keep safe, get vaccinated, and get booster shots. Many cities in the country are also strict in their security protocols, and some implemented a "No Vaccine, No Entry" policy.

Some people are vaccinated getting their vaccination card, while some do not want to have a vaccination. The reasons behind the people not wanting to get vaccinated are too many people in the vaccination area, not available "Pfizer" and other most trusted brands of vaccine, afraid of the news that vaccine may kill lives and the cost that they may spend once the vaccine expired in their body --- by the time they need to somehow renew their vaccination a large fee may be collected since some information say that the vaccines will no longer be free of charge in the next few months.