Francoise Bettencourt Meyers is the wealthiest woman in the world with almost USD100 billion in wealth. Her total assets have ascended to USD95.9 billion since the start of 2021 and posted an increase of USD20.1 billion. Around 33% share of L'Oréal, a cosmetic company, is owned by Bettencourt Meyers.

The Frenchwoman, the holding company chief, addresses the family stake that was ascribed to her mom until her mom died around 4 years prior. A piece of information from an investigation of company filings shows that L'Oréal paid the family more than USD6.3 billion in profits. Proceeds of her investments analysis, taxes, insider transactions, charitable contributions, and market performance will decide the worth of her money ventures.

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Last year, Garnier and Lancome produced an income for her around USD32 billion --- companies she also owned. L'Oréal additionally offers skin, body care, and hair products besides the cosmetics product it offered.

As of writing, the French woman aged 68 years old held an expected USD5.53 billion in cash. The founder of L'Oréal is Bettencourt Meyers' grandparents.

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Bettencourt Meyers, the world's wealthiest woman in the world lives in Paris, France. Her grandmother, Liliane Bettencourt as supplanted by her child Jean-Victor Meyers on L'Oréal's board around 9 years prior. Cosmetic surgery for an education site, Tajmeeli, ordered a rundown of famous excellence marks and utilized Google Trends to decide search interest in 108 nations, and presumed that L'Oréal Paris was the most looked through beauty care products brand on the planet.

Right around a fourth of the countries examined decided to purchase items from the French beauty care products queen, showing clear allure among excellence fans. There is a solid French brand presence in Colombia, Belgium, Netherlands, Ukraine, Hungary, Argentina, India, Thailand, Brazil, and Turkey.

Europe, South American, and Asia are additionally the most well-known mainlands for the brand.

Despite everything, L'Oréal Paris was supported apparently by French shoppers.