Manila City Mayor and Aksyon Demokratiko's president, Isko Moreno, said he would invite President Rodrigo Roa Duterte into his Senate slate with great enthusiasm.

After months of tension, the presidential aspirant is willing to adopt the current president of the Philippines as one of his party's senatorial bets.

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This comes after Senator Bong Go, President Duterte's presidential bet, reported his withdrawal from this coming 2022 presidential election. As of the moment, Go can't seem to formalize his withdrawal at the COMELEC (Commission on Elections).

Moreno answered in an on-the-spot question that he will by and by deciding in favor of President Duterte for senator. Furthermore, he will be thankful, regarded, and lowered to have someone like the president in the record as an extra possibility for the senate position. He said it while he was in Lapu-Lapu City, and was ambush interviewed.

After months of tension where Moreno was depicted yet not named, the presidential aspirant defined Duterte as specially equipped for doing the work as a lawmaker. Moreno said this subsequent to saying he would decide in favor of Duterte.

He likewise went back and forth on his prior position against visitor competitors. Where he once said that he needed his Senate record to help him. On Monday, Moreno said he was able to take on a fourth applicant.

He said that on the off chance that previously, he said he just had three senatorial aspirants on his list, so people will just need to pick the other nine, as of the moment, people just have eight to ponder in light of the fact that he has a fourth senatorial candidate in his list, happened to be President Duterte.

Inquired as to why he would need Duterte in his senatorial record, Moreno clarified that as president, Duterte had numerous achievements, including his organization's lead foundation project Build, Build, Build. Moreno has since quite a while ago situated himself as a moderate and has denied being a mysterious organization up-and-comer.

On Monday, the presidential aspirant praised Duterte for starting the three-day National Vaccination Drive. The Manila City Mayor said that we should acknowledge a job well done. The President, Duterte, has such countless achievements. Furthermore, I accept that he can be a compelling "senator" since through enactment, he can guarantee that what he has done (legacy) will be systematized.

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The two have had a confounded, here and there relationship over the Duterte organization.

Moreno had recently supported and had been, about the administration's policies and programs such as Manila Bay's dolomite --- white sand beach, and the TokHang (Toktok Hangyo) war on drugs. Be that as it may, he has likewise been a critic, vocally, of the organization's face safeguard rule in Manila City.