Huskies have very positive traits. The question is are husky dogs good for you? If you are considering having a husky at your home as your pet there are a lot of things to consider and to know which can help you if you should get a husky or not.

Even though huskies are friendly, kind, social, they can also be kind of difficult to take care of. Huskies are known to be stubborn and need a lot of training. This means husky dogs are not recommended pets for owners with less experience in handling dogs.

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As an owner of husky dogs, husky dogs are active. They like to run around the house, go out for a walk and run, and most of all they always love playtime. If you are not active enough in making those things for a husky then huskies are not good for you.

If you aren't active, huskies will become much stubborn, destructive, and managing them will be very hard.

Another thing about huskies, they love to get your attention most of the time. They like you to pay attention to them. So if you are working most of the time, busy, and do not have enough time for a husky pet, then huskies are not ideal as a pet for you.

If you leave the husky alone for many hours, they will become destructive, causes separation anxiety, and behavior issues. And it is known that work is very important, but if you have a family to be with the husky while you are at work, that would be fine.

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Another one is about dog training capabilities. Do you have experience in handling and training dogs? It is not that important to be an experienced dog trainer but you should have the patience in teaching the husky things. As stated earlier, huskies are stubborn. There will be a lot of challenges while you are trying to impose actions to be followed to a husky. All you need is to remain patient as it would take time before a husky learn things.

Husky is, as well, wanted some bonding moments. Are you really into dogs? If not then forget owning a husky. Husky would love to be with you like going on a picnic, visiting a friend, going to a store, playing together, and a lot more. They require a special bonding time and that would help them build good behaviors.

Next one, are you okay with hairs or furs everywhere? They are shedders. Siberian Huskies shed a lot. Their fur is double-coated that will drop hair, usually, all year long, plus two huge blowouts a year. It would depend on the climate of your area of how much will they may blow out. Blowout means a change of hair leading to an undercoat shed (such as a change of season), etc.

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Another thing you should know is that there's a need to make your house secure. They are good at escaping. Trust me, once they see an opportunity to escape, you wouldn't notice them since they are very active, they can just speed their way out. They are also good at looking for a place where they can escape.

Lastly, you need to have a cold environment. In the Philippines, the weather is mostly hot, and husky doesn't really like that kind of weather. Although others are fine with it, most of the huskies want cold weather. That is why some husky owners have AC installed in their homes to make sure that the husky is taken care of. If the husky doesn't like the weather, get ready to wear an earphone as you may experience loud howling most of the time.

Now, the question is are huskies good for you? Probably not the exact question that should be asked by people who consider owning a husky. The right question is, are you good for a husky?

Many huskies are abandoned internationally and that is so sad. The reason behind that is huskies are very hard to train and control. If in case you decided to own a husky, always know that owning them requires a lifetime commitment.