Kyle Echarri was nominated this week on Pinoy Big Brother, but one statement of his housemate made his nomination viral.

Samantha Bernardo, Kyle's housemate, gave her reason on why she is nominating Kyle for eviction this week. Samantha said that she taught Kyle how to cook rice but Kyle is still not helping in the house chores.

Image source: Kapamilya Online Live

"One point si Kyle. Tinuruan ko na po siya na magsaing, hindi pa rin po siya tumutulong sa gawaing bahay", Samantha said during her time to nominate.

Her statement created a trending topic online which gathered mixed reactions from the netizens.

Kyle received a total of 13 points from the housemates who nominated him for eviction. Could Kyle be evicted for allegedly not helping around the house?

Some housemates said that they nominated Kyle for eviction due to symptoms showing that Kyle misses his home, and his family. 

Another reason why they wanted Kyle to go is Kyle becomes so extreme or hyper when it comes to tasks and challenges. For that reason, Kyle may cause tensions to other housemates.

A total of (around) 100,000 reactions and 25,000 shares was garnered by Samantha's statement on a post on Facebook.

Another viral scene which is related to Kyle's alleged behavior, was when housemate Madam Inutz hinted at Kyle not doing numbers of house chores. It was when Madam Inutz realized that Kyle is the only one who can't cook rice among them. That's also the time when Samantha taught Kyle how to cook rice.

"Oo nga pala, siya na lang hindi nagsasaing dito (Oh yes, he is the only one who doesn't cook rice here)", Madam Inutz said.

Chie responded with a question about Kyle's inability to cook rice, "hindi ka pala marunong magsaing? (You don't know how to cook rice?)".

"Hindi, marunong lang siya'ng kumain (No, he only knows how to eat", joked Madam Inutz.

Image source: Instagram

Kyle is in trouble of leaving the PBB house, but his fans are solid in supporting him making a trending support for the famous actor/housemate. Kyle was first known in a singing competition (The Voice Kids), and was part of the top-rated television series "Kadenang Ginto", which he is the famous love partner of Francine Diaz.

Anji Salvacion, and Alexa Ilacad are the two housemates joining Kyle for this week's list of nomination.