The conceded extension to presidential candidate Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos, Jr. to answer the filed case stopped against him before the Comelec (Commission on Elections) ought to be denied, a gathering of candidates said in a movement documented, considering the request by the survey body's subsequent division "unmitigatedly in opposition to law" --- Friday.

On November 18, 2021, the Comelec second division allowed an extraordinary expansion to the Marcos camp to answer the appeal recorded by community pioneers drove by Christian Buenafe looking to drop his endorsement of bid --- COC. Yet, as indicated by the candidates addressed by legal advisor Ted Te, the augmentation ought not have been allowed in any case.

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They said that to begin with, Sec. 4 (6) of Rule 23 of the Comelec Rules of Procedure, as revised by Comelec Resolution No. 9523 accommodates no ground for any augmentation of time. It accommodates no space and no attentiveness.

To the candidates' view, the given extension was really another period considering there was nothing to broaden when the subsequent division's structure was given over. The non-extendible 5-day cutoff time for the Marcos camp to answer the appeal slipped by on the 16th of November or 2 days before their movement for augmentation was conceded.

As indicated by the applicants, "the Order dated November 18 viably conceded another period to respondent... Without a period to broaden, the Order dated eighteenth November should be perused as one that concedes another period to the respondent". The people who filed the petition focused on that Marcos' inability to record his reply inside the said period is adequately a waiver to his right side to react.

Petitioner's movement expressed, "the disappointment of the respondent to record his confirmed reply inside the involving regulations period will ban the respondent from submitting disputing proof or documenting his reminder". By requesting to disavow the given extension, the people who filed the petition successfully needs to banish Marcos camp from --- submitting disputing proof and from recording his notice compliant with its Rules of Procedure".

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Be that as it may, the Marcos camp previously documented its confirmed reply around the same time the movement for reexamination against the expansion was recorded. The Buenafe et al. appeal asked Comelec to drop Marcos' COC for material bogus portrayal.

In his COC, Marcos said he was not sentenced for any offense conveying a punishment of never-ending exclusion from public office.

The appeal referred to his 1995 expense case conviction by a Quezon City preliminary court for non-installment of lack annual duties and non-recording of personal assessment forms from 1982-1985. The decision was changed by the CA (Court of Appeals), which cleared Marcos in 1997 of non-installment of expenses, while attesting his conviction on non-documenting of government forms. There are currently 5 forthcoming petitions before the Comelec looking to impede Marcos' endeavor for the nation's top post: 

3 petitions for the scratch-off of COC --- one request for statement as irritation up-and-comer --- and an appeal for exclusion. The Marcos camp has over and again marked the petitions disturbance and waste coordinated by pundits.