On-screen character James Reid is selling one of his properties situated at a private subdivision, Loyola Grand Villas, in Quezon City.

image from When in Manila

The house is allegedly the one he imparted to his previous sweetheart, Nadine Lustre. A month after Lustre and Reid affirmed their split as a couple, the on-screen character declared that his home was available to be purchased, as observed on his Instagram Stories yesterday, 25th of February.

The property being referred to is a three-story house and part with seven rooms, two kitchens, a pool, a completely prepared rec center, a soundproof account studio and a carport with a six-vehicle limit. Notwithstanding not showing if the house was the one he used to impart to Luster, subtleties of the house propose it used to be the previous couple's home. 

Following quite a while of theory about Reid and Lustre's living plans, the entertainer affirmed that he and Lustre were living respectively in 2019. In Lustre's Instagram account, the entertainer has reliably been posting a few bits of a property that seemed to be like Reid's home which is available to be purchased.

 image from Pixelated Planet

Before Reid even affirmed that they were living respectively, Lustre additionally posted a photograph of a Christmas tree put in a fully open region under a gallery on the 26th of December 2017. Last 12th of March, the entertainer wore a coordinating pink clothing for the "Ulan" debut night while inclining behind a railing with a comparable example.

A light fixture was by and by unmistakable as her scenery. In spite of their split as a couple, Reid and Luster consented to remain companions could at present be seen hanging out together in a similar gathering.