Asia's Songbird Regine Velasquez has a couple of expressions of guidance for her companion, Pop Star Princess Sarah Geronimo, who will before long wed her long-term beau, on-screen character Matteo Guidicelli. During a meeting with an entertainment media last January 2020, Regine, who is hitched to artist musician Ogie Alcasid, was approached about her marriage tips for Sarah and Matteo who will before long leave on another part in their relationship.


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Her first tip: Value even the littlest things that can make your relationship one of a kind and energizing. "Alam mo, mag-te-ten years na kami ng asawa ko," Regine told "Itong this year, 10 years na kami, and it doesn't feel na ten years ko na siyang kasama. It doesn't feel that way since he makes life so energizing for me. 

"What's more, since he does that, I likewise attempt to do likewise. Kaka-content lang siya ng, 'Howdy miss, kailan uwi mo?' Ako naman, 'Sir, matagal dad sir, traffic dad sir.' Yung seemingly insignificant details like that will add shading to your relationship." 

Second, Regine stressed the significance of correspondence and genuineness, particularly during the rough pieces of a relationship. 

She clarified, "My better half and I, we barely battle. We talk in light of the fact that, ako, by and by, hindi rin ako magaling makipag-away, kasi ano ako, e, non-fierce ako. Na-se-stress ako kapag may sigawan, na-ba-blangko ako pati. 

The vocalist, who as of late teamed up with Sarah in the show entitled Unified, included, "Here and there, magbabasa ako ng dyaryo o ng chismis para lang may mapag-usapan kami. Alam mo yun, parang to break the ice, para lang meron kaming ganun, and afterward, kung anu-ano na pag-uusapan namin. What's more, it's superb."

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Third, Regine exhorted Sarah and Matteo to keep up their "ligawan" organize significantly after they get hitched. 

Regine said. "Ako, yung asawa ko kaya, nililigawan dad rin ako. Mag-te-content yun sa associated, 'Hello, would i be able to date you?' Yung ganun, pero kinikilig ka dun. Nakakatuwa yun, kasi siyempre pareho kaming occupied, nakahanap dad siya ng time para bolahin ako, di ba? Minsan nakakatuwa commotion yun, kasama lahat yun." 

Ultimately, she reminds Sarah and Matteo that they have to apply a ton of exertion to keep their affection last. 

Regine clarified, "The thing is, you wouldn't know whether that is the ideal individual, pero kayong dalawa, you can make it right. Kayong dalawa, puwede niyong gawing kayo talaga para sa isa't isa. You should simply to keep talking."