The Department of Health said on Friday, tests taken from a 5-year-old kid conceded in a Cebu medical clinic yielded negative outcomes for the novel coronavirus. The corroborative tests were directed at Victorian Infectious Disease Reference Laboratory in Melbourne. 

Health Secretary Francisco Duque III said in an announcement, "this is undoubtedly extremely welcome news to facilitate the Filipinos' developing concern".

Image from AP Photo/Aaron Favila

"We will keep on checking the creating circumstance and guarantee components to contain the danger of the 2019-nCoV". The kid, who landed in Cebu from Wuhan city, China, on January 12, "to make plans to examine English", displayed pneumonia-like side effects with a past filled with movement from Wuhan, considered ground zero for 2019-nCoV. The youngster in the long run tried positive for skillet coronavirus, an alternate sickness. 

With the advancement, the DOH at that point took oropharyngeal (throat locale) and serum examples from the kid and sent them to the Melbourne lab to help distinguish the coronavirus strain. The DOH said it has initiated its crisis reaction and again instructed all explorers with side effects regarding fever and hack, and history of movement to Wuhan, where the episode of the coronavirus began, to promptly go to any emergency clinic for medicinal consideration.

Image from RMN

The division additionally guaranteed that its wellbeing offices are prepared and arranged to get associated cases with the novel coronavirus. Wellbeing laborers were encouraged to watch preventive measures and conventions. Duque said, "continuously practice hand cleanliness, watch appropriate hack decorum, maintain a strategic distance from close contact with individuals showing influenza like indications, dodge contact with ranch and wild animals, cook nourishment appropriately, and receive solid ways of life to mount insusceptibility against diseases". The Chinese government said on Friday that the coronavirus has killed 25 individuals in China and contaminated more than 800.