The vegetable vendor from Laoag, Ilocos Norte was praised and thanked after returning a bag with P2.7 million pesos inside.

Image source: WowCordillera

Based on GMA News Online, "Balitambayan" report, Alice, a vegetable vendor, was eating in a fastfood chain restaurant where a woman with a bag took a seat beside her.

The bag was placed beside the feet of Alice, because the woman beside Alice was on a hurry, she forgot her bag.

Luckily, Alice heard the woman that the woman is going to a bus terminal so she went steadfastly to return the bag.

With so much joy, the woman hugged Alice and gave an amount of money which Alice did not accept.

Alice said, this is not the first time she found a bag with a huge amount of money that she returned to the owners. She believed that God has more blessings to give because of her honesty.