At last, Ivana Alawi answered her bashers, fan on social media, especially on her YouTube channel. In her latest YouTube post of PPL (talent management that holds Ivana's career), she read all the messages of her fans.

She said, "I read all the memes you made for me, your comments about me. Other people always pinpoint me because their boyfriends put a like on my photos, and on their photos they were not given any like".

Image from Ivana Alawi / MB

"It's so crazy that other people want to report me to Mr. Raffy Tulfo, because their husband always check my photos rather than their's". she added. "I feel, they will really report me to Tulfo show".

"I am willing to be there but they should blame their husband, because they are the one who commit the mistake, not me. And those husband they should like their wife's photo first before mine".

Even Senyora SantibaƱez was having funny comments about her.

"Here, from Senyora SantibaƱez, Ivana, you got a lot to say, I will tell you, if I will be wearing bikini, say goodbye to your career".

Image from Twitter @IvanaAlawi

"Over! You are so scary Senyora". She added, "but I can send you a swimsuit, so we can be twinning. Hahaha"!

Another message from Ivana:

"If my love partner put a heart (on Ivana's photo), we will breakup for a while. What? Breakup right away? You should be confident in yourself. Your attitude should be, she is just Ivana, no! Fight!"

Lastly on her video, Ivana show the reason why her boobs are big. She remove the bra she was wearing that time to give to a fan.

"There you go, my boobs went flat. Now, you know my secret. The boobs are gone". She added, "so, I will give my bra. You can give it to your life partner, or to Senora, or to whoever who likes bra".

If you want to win the bra, you just need to comment #IvanaAkinNaYangBraMo and she will choose the winner. "Thank you to all the bashers. And don't worry, because I will be pursuing my naked moments. You can't stop me. Hahaha!", she said with laughter.