Manila City, San Juan, and Pasig has new mayors, proving the fall of Political Dynasty in the said places.

Isko Moreno won against incumbent mayor Joseph "Erap" Estrada which made it a shocking moment to most Filipinos. Erap and Alfredo Lim, both old-time politicians end up 2nd and 3rd in mayoralty race.

Isko Moreno (left), Francis Zamora, Vico Sotto (right) | Images from MB & INQ

San Juan City was shocking as well, after Francis Zamora took the position against the daughter of senatorial candidate Jinggoy Estrada, Janella Ejercito Estrada.

Meanwhile, in Pasig City, Vic Sotto and Connie Reyes' son, Vico Sotto, won the race against The Eusebios.

This is a new chapter in the mentioned places as new people are going to serve the cities.

Thirty minutes more passed, Sotto was not yet proclaimed, and he is waiting to make sure the votes won't change and will be declared as a mayor.

Six hours waiting for the proclamation, Sotto won't go home yet.

This is a wake-up call to most voters that anything can happen if you will just lean each other a helping hand to vote for whom you think is the best one in your place.