Karen de los Reyes took to internet based life to grieve the demise of Rudy Francisco, her co-star during the '90s inexpensive food business that made her a commonly recognized name. On Instagram, De los Reyes shared a clasp from her famous McDonald's business with Francisco, who passed away on Wednesday, the 8th of May, at 96 years old.

Image from McDo advertisement

"Miserable day today", De los Reyes said in the Instagram post, which likewise indicated photographs of her with the late on-screen character. She went on, "Rest in harmony, Lolo Rudy Francisco".

"My most profound sympathies to you and your family, (RS Francisco)". In the notorious promotion, Francisco is an absent minded granddad who kept on erroneously calling De los Reyes' character Gina rather than Karen.

Image from PhilStar

The scene closes with a contacting motion from Lolo who slices a cheeseburger down the middle and calls Karen by her correct name, saying she is his preferred granddaughter. A previous Sampaguita Pictures entertainer in the mid '50s, Francisco walked out on showbiz and sought after a vocation as a legal advisor, as per The Philippine Star.

He in the end turned into a legitimate guidance for Sampaguita Pictures. One of his children is RS Francisco, business person and star of the nearby arranging of "M. Butterfly". In a Facebook post on Thursday, RS said the individuals who need to pay their last regards to his dad may visit the Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral in Cubao, with the last mass set on May 12th at  1 in the afternoon.

Video source: YouTube