Comedy concert queen, Ai Ai delas Alas is never again going about as the supervisor (manager) of the profoundly famous hip-bounce bunch Ex Battalion. In a report by a MEDIA, the comedienne said she's as of now had enough of the gathering.

She said, "I quit! I can't take it! It has been a long time that I am enduring (it). This should be happening a long time ago, but I was just ashamed to Boss Vic (del Rosario) and to Viva because we have a movie. Now that the movie was shown, so I quit! I'm really gonna leave, let go, go away!". (Translated from Filipino)

Image from PhilStar

Delas Alas additionally refered to a few cases where Ex Battalion exhibited their unprofessionalism. She clarified that there were gigs, they will say yes, she submitted the approval of her talents, then last minute (before the show), suddenly the group, Ex-B, will say no. (Reasons are) someone is going to shade a hair with gold. There were (someone) who was not able to wake up early, left by a plane. She is the one who is facing the problem and felt ashamed to the people she made arrangement with.

She included, "Will sign a contract to Viva then suddenly saying no. Debut night of our movie, the other member of the group is very late. I told them, 'are you not ashamed, your senior co-stars, you let them wait". (Translated from Filipino)

Delas Alas said she even given it a chance to pass when the gathering took on certain duties without her authorization. She said, "it's ok for me but hopefully, they inform me. The problem, most probably, they don't trust me".

Image from PhilStar

The on-screen character said it was Ex Battalion who connected with her last year, and she consented to turn into their director since she needed to help. She said, "me, I don't have other intention but to help the,. I did everything for them but they don't follow me (instruction). They were mad if I said 'I am already 30 years in show business, I know the ins and outs, but they don't like me to tell them that (sermon). The way they talk back at me, they don't regard me by any means".

Ex Battalion previously rose to distinction after they discharged "Hayaan Mo Sila," the music video that has amassed more than 55 million perspectives on YouTube alone. Their other melody, "SouthBoys," has almost 19 million perspectives. Delas Alas co-dealt with the gathering with Viva Entertainment, which handles a large portion of the things concerning the gathering's TV appearances, film arrangements, and ads.