Marlou Arizala, otherwise called Xander Ford, saw his profession diving and chose to restore it by asking the important assistance from Star Image.

At first, the administration saw the conceivable open doors that could accompany working with the Social Media identity and gave him an agreement.

Image from ABS-CBN News

Proprietors of Star Image made Xander Ford with the goals of depicting someone as a rational, affable, polite web based life craftsman just as to move the more youthful group of onlookers.

With all that being stated, a lot of internet based life clients don't care for Xander however by the by Star Image chose to go ahead with restoring his nearly expired profession. With the assistance of ABS-CBN, 'Evaluated K,' and numerous others, Star Image Artist Management took care of and conveyed the questionable creation and change of their Xander Ford.

Popularity pursued quickly however in a matter of seconds, got to the online networking craftsman's head.

Xander has been said to have appeared mannered activities towards his collaborators and as per a few, even said that he never needed the distinction, however just truly thought about his physical appearance. At one example, Xander Ford hollered at a few ABS-CBN marshalls by pulling the "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?" card.

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The administration needed to take the correct measures and needed to quiet the web-based social networking craftsman down. 'Gandang Gabi, Vice!' did not air their scene with Xander Ford in light of the fact that the craftsman demonstrated exploitative conduct towards the staff and was more haughty than expected.

The craftsman has likewise been blamed for utilizing weed and liquor, getting affected by companions, and giving weight a chance to get to him that lead him deliberately vanishing for some time, which made an assortment of issues, incorporating not appearing in planned occasions.

Star Image needed to take the correct measures to manage the harm done since a great deal were influenced and frustrated. Indeed, even before the change, Marlou had just tossed shade at Kathryn Bernardo and even confessed to remarking disparagingly towards different ABS-CBN craftsmen.

At first, he denied the gossipy tidbits yet were affirmed later on to be reality. Xander Ford disregarded the Memorandum of Agreement of Confidentiality and Non-exposure, Exclusivity, and Performance and Attitude in his agreement with Star Image and on July 2018, was inconclusively suspended which implies until this suspension is waved, he can't take part in any occasions without assent and endorsement. Star Image said the accompanying regarding the craftsman: "a miserable case", "can not pursue basic bearings", "an obstinate, amateurish person".

As of April 22, 2019, Star Image concluded that they would give the name Xander Ford to another person that has the specific characteristics that they are searching for, so they continued to take the notable name again from the undeserving Marlou Arizala. Marlou is still in contract with Star Image until the long stretch of May in year 2022.

Booked occasions will be rendered illicit without assent and endorsement by the administration and can likewise prompt lawful activities.