Marian Rivera-Dantes simply shared the primary photograph of her and Dingdong Dantes' child Jose Sixto Dantes III. She likewise shared her emotions subsequent to conceiving an offspring.

"Before, we dream to have another baby and God gave us one. Three years had passed, we asked again and He gave it".

Image from Marian Rivera

Besides, Marian additionally said thanks to everybody who's been supplicating and supporting their family. 

"Having another child is an answer to our prayers, that's the reason that my heart is full [of gratefulness] because of this blessing. I thought I can't do it anymore, but, I made it because of our loving family's support, most especially to all of your prayers. Thank you very much".

Marian likewise gave a significant message and welcomed everybody Happy Easter.

"Now that God has risen, it was again reminding us that we are a blessing, from God, to each other. Happy Easter".

Image from Marian Rivera / NewsMedia

She likewise communicates this is her most joyful easter as a result of her family. Subsequently the entry of Sixto. "This may be the happiest Easter Sunday of all of my journey in this earth, because Dong, Letizia, and Sixto, they are my life".

Here's a photograph of Baby Sixto. He looks precisely like his dad. He's so attractive!