Atty. Lorna Kapunan, Darren Espanto's legal counsel, affirmed that there is a progressing body of evidence documented against vocalist JK Labajo.

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In a meeting with News media, the legal advisor said that the case was documented last March by Darren's mom. Atty. Kapunan said, "the case did a hearing twice since we filed it on March of this year, and the mother [of Darren] filed the case at that time when Darren was still a minor, but those two hearings in the office of the prosecutor was not attended by JK and it should be submitted for a decision".

"However, as of late when we checked the status of the case we got an information that he took an attorney and [he wanted to] revive the case so it is in the office of the city investigator, that if the case will be revived, but there's a conditional hearing timetable on the 12th of April. If the 2nd stage is revived, he will be documenting a counter of testimony in the event that he so wants or he has questions and answer from the exploring fiscal".

At the point when asked how the said case was drawn out into the open, she handed-off, "I have met the guardians.

They have an exceptionally solid feeling of good and bad and to decimate one's notoriety at an extremely youthful age, I believe it's wrong so they came to us and asked us if there is a lawful cures. We said yes, it is a digital criticism. We have seen the proof here, the proof is so solid and there could be no deniability that the posting came from JK".

It tends to be reviewed that it was back in October 2018 when an open fight resulted among Darren and JK because of a tweet purportedly posted by the "Buwan" vocalist.

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JK denied posting the tweet and said that his record was hacked that time. Will there be a probability for JK and Darren to settle the issue out of court? Atty. Kapunan answered, "right now there is no plausibility of settlement, right now. The last time we conversed with the family look-like it's still raw, which isn't to say it ought not be settled because they are still young.

They have their entire future in front of them. So if possible it will be settle by the court, it will be settle by the court". "Possibly in due time if there is true statement of regret with respect to JK and not to do it agian perhaps that would be an opening for the guardians to consider and for Darren in light of the fact that he is commending his birthday.

He will never again be a minor so this is for him to choose soon."