Lee Min Ho is making his arrival subsequent to finishing his compulsory administration! The on-screen character started his obligatory administration as an open administration laborer on 12th of May 2017, not having the capacity to fill in as a functioning obligation warrior because of wounds from past auto collisions.

Image from TV Report

He likewise finished a month of essential military preparing in March 2018. On 25th of April at around 9 in the morning KST, Lee Min Ho touched base at the Suseo Social Welfare Center for his last day of work as an open administration laborer.

He waved and bowed to the many fans who were holding up with signs and inflatables to invite him.

Image from Amino

His organization MYM Entertainment remarked, "Lee Min Ho will be released today, [April] 25. As reported already, he will do as such unobtrusively with no exceptional occasions".

Regarding his arrival as an on-screen character, the organization reacted, "He is auditing a few unique ventures". The organization additionally shared a celebratory post on Facebook.