APO Hiking Society member Jim Paredes, after saying the video is fake, now took back his words and admitted it was him.

Paredes, composed on his blog, "the video was genuine. It was private, and not implied for open utilization (public). I don't have the foggiest idea how it ended up open".

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The 67-year old singer said, "there are now an excessive number of falsehoods and liars in this world. I don't wish to be a piece of that plot.

I have been honest on the grounds that I realize that agonizing as reality can be, it will in the end set me free". He, known for being a vocal pundit of the present organization, suspects the scandal as politically-persuaded.

He said, "I can just deduce that in this revolting period of dangerous governmental issues, maligners resolved to kill my impact by abusing my security and uncovering soil on me are grinding away". He additionally conceded he is an imperfect individual, a person, much like every other person.

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Paredes said "I committed an error, I was flippant. What's more, I am genuinely heartbroken". He additionally asked for absolution from his family who are influenced by the outrage. "I remain in no-limit distress and penitence before my family who are reeling from the harmed and disturbance, and the humiliation and disgrace, that should just be mine. I implore that they be saved any increasingly devilish trolling by the individuals who might delight in their torment," he added.

Yet some were fine that he owns up to the viral scandal, some are not happy for his denial at first 'saying it fake', and most of the people are not happy to hear him saying that this video spinning around the internet is a politically-motivated one.

Some netizens say, he should not upload or do it in the first place as he is a publicly known person.

We do hope that this would be a lesson to everyone, while owning it up is great, let us end it with grace by not pointing the issue to someone. Owned it, end it.