Darren Espanto flew to China Wednesday night to show up on apparently the most prominent singing challenge in the Asian nation, 'Singer 2019'. Espanto, who rose to acclaim in the wake of wrapping sprinter up amid the primary children's version of "The Voice of the Philippines", will perform on the finals night of 'Singer 2019'.

It will be broadcast on Chinese TV on Friday, the 12th of April. He said in a public interview in front of his takeoff, "I'm exceptionally upbeat that I was chosen to be a guest singer in 'Singer [2019]' finale in China. The first moment I heard the news, I was excited and nervous at the same time, I have mixed emotions. But mostly I am happy". Espanto said he went to China three months prior to meet the chief and the group behind "Singer".

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He added, "The ones who are from China po, they reached me through my record mark and they inquired as to whether I could be part as a guest po. In reality I went there and I got the opportunity to meet the executive and the group behind it.

They requested that I sing a couple of songs po. I was shocked po that a week and a half back, they said that I will be guesting in Finale".

Espanto isn't the main Filipino to venture on the phase of the ability rivalry. A year ago, KZ Tandingan made waves when she joined the show as one of its contenders.

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She went up against other expert vocalists including Jessie J from the UK; Tien Chong from Hong Kong, Angela Chang from Taiwan; Li Xiaodong, Wang Feng, James Li and Juno Su all from China. In spite of the fact that Tandingan neglected to secure the title, which was won by Jessie J, the Kapamilya artist said around then that she will always remember her experience on the show.

Truth be told, even after her disposal, she came back to appear after Jessie J welcomed her to sing 'Bang Bang'. Whenever inquired as to whether Espanto got the opportunity to converse with Tandingan to look for exhortation, he stated: "Si Ate KZ po was the first to react when I posted a photograph when I visited there. She said, 'Ah, alam na' (Knew it). She was "supportive of me.

She said, 'don't be nervous. You will have a lot of process to go through. She's simply so strong". Espanto will remain in China until Saturday.