A woman named Mylene Villomo --- on her shown TIN ID, from Talisay, Cebu, was caught by the area's residents victimizing an old lady who recently withdrew a good amount of money for the old lady's husband's hospitalization.

Images from Joy Caneda's video & Chona Carreon

On the viral video, it says the old lady was brought by Villomo in an area that has no exit area onward. Villomo left the old lady while the old lady was running after Villomo.

The residents find it troubling seeing an old woman running after a lady.

A good citizen came to record the incident and asked series of questions. The old woman does not recognize the lady at all while Villomo reasoned out that she knew the old lady because the old lady's child knows her.

The citizens were not buying Villomo's reason, instead they called the cops to help them investigate what just happened.

Video source: Facebook/Joy Caneda

Villomo was trying to get the old woman's heart by letting the incident pass, but the citizens were pushing the old woman to pursue filing a complaint, and even gave a encouragement that the citizens will always be backing her up.

The police took Villomo and the old woman, and now Villomo is paying the price of her wrongdoings.