64-year old, Tatay Generito Yosores, a tri-sikad driver from Zamboanga del Sur, got an overwhelming applause from the group as he got his confirmation amid his graduation on Tuesday morning at the Pagadian City Gymnasium.

Images from Facebook/Gleendell Rañoa & Geraldine Lelis Sarsaba

Tatay is single and local of Molave town, who completed Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English under Western Mindanao State University External Studies Unit alongside more than 1,300 alumni. In spite of being conceived in a poor family, Yosores' perseverance to finish studies is bigger than his worries.

A very hardworking man who drives his tri-sikad by day, and goes to school at night. His studies were financed by his driving occupation and the ₱500 senior citizen allowance.

His schoolmates said that they respect Yosores for his fighting spirit to continue his studies and with a brave heart facing college's challenges regardless of his age.

Image from Facebook/Gleendell Rañoa

In a Facebook post, Tatay Yosores said there were already opportunities which were opened for him to work. Tatay Yosores' graduation photos became viral on Facebook, posted on the 30th of March.

Many people online were motivated by the persistence and tirelessness of him which dreams can come true no matter how young or old you are.