President Rodrigo Duterte has marked a law that looks to direct the act of word related treatment in the Philippines --- "regulating occupational therapy", as indicated by a duplicate of the measure discharged by the Palace last week's Tuesday.

Duterte marked on 11th day of March the Republic 11241 the "Philippine Occupational Therapy Law of 2018".

Image from Manila Bulletin

The measure was supported by Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, seat of the Committee on Civil Service, Government Reorganization and Professional Regulation. Word related treatment tries to assist people with physical or formative handicaps to convey back commonality to their lives through the assistance of advisors.

The law makes the Board of Occupational Therapy which will have the ability to direct and control the enrollment, licensure, and routine with regards to word related treatment in the Philippines.

The President will designate the board's executive and two individuals. People looking to rehearse word related treatment will likewise experience a licensure examination.

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A candidate must be an alum of Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy degree or its identical, has not been sentenced for an offense including moral turpitude, and a native of the Philippines or an outsider whose nation has correspondence concurrence with the Philippines. To be qualified as having passed the licensure examination, an applicant more likely than not acquired a general normal of 75 percent with no evaluation lower than 60 percent in some random subject, the law states. Under the law, it is illicit to rehearse word related treatment without having passed the licensure examination. Violators will be fined at the very least ₱20,000 however not more than ₱50,000, or be detained for two to five years, or both.