The 'Gifted Go-Getter of Iloilo', Joachim "Wakim" Regalado, is among the individuals who joined the second clump of grown-up housemates of ABS-CBN's TV unscripted TV drama 'Pinoy Big Brother', presently on its eighth season. The 19 year-old housemate originated from a group of attorneys, and is as of now a rookie at the Ateneo de Manila University.

His capacities are show inside the PBB house, and turn out to be progressively perceptible when he applies them on assignments.

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He is likewise lucid when talking with housemates and Big Brother. In a Facebook post last 5th of February, his mom, Atty. Neli Regalado, uncovered that Myrtle Sarrosa who was pronounced as the Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition 4 Big Winner in 2012, turned into her child Wakim's motivation in joining the show.

She expressed in her post "Wakim ended up inspired by PBB in light of Myrtle.

Her being [a] huge victor roused him to try out for the show. He [was] extremely inspired by the way that in spite of her showbiz vocation, Myrtle graduated Cum Laude from UP Diliman".

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Atty. Regalado reviewed that Sarrosa 'was a particularly decent and benevolent young lady even before she joined PBB'.

She and Wakim clearly prepared together for a vocal challenge under a similar educator. The legal advisor mother described "she would now and then carry snacks for Wakim and held up with him when we're late in bringing him. She resembled a 'manang' (more seasoned sister) to Wakim and was exceptionally strong, particularly amid the challenge".

"I recollect that she touched base at the setting before we did and disclosed to me that she was extremely apprehensive for Wakim". As she constantly underpins her child all through his voyage inside the PBB house, Atty. Regalado additionally opened up on her contemplations about Wakim's choice in joining the show.

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She said she at first debilitated him and revealed to him he would not fit in, in light of the fact that his life had no show and he won't be "great TV material". In any case, he contemplated out that he likewise has great stories to share, calling attention to that beating inward battles can be similarly as hard as conquering neediness and broken homes.

Her child said he needs to rouse individuals. Aside from his abilities and smarts, Wakim is likewise an adolescent supporter. His mother said that one reason why he needed to join PBB is on the grounds that he was roused to utilize the stage to advance the estimation of instruction among the youthful, and to advance ADHD mindfulness.

In a select meeting with a news media site, Atty. Regalado said Wakim was determined to have Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) when he was just 6 years of age. At the point when gotten some information about how they were all ready to adapt to his condition, his mother stated, "There was --- no formal treatment yet a greater amount of conduct alteration, as fixed schedules, and so on.

We read up on ADHD and place him in a situation where he would flourish. Since he was in a young men school, practically every one of them were hyper so he didn't emerge".

She reviewed "He didn't have issues in school yet rather exceeded expectations.

He was only an overthinker and he was touchy to the issues of others, as if their educator was getting sufficiently paid on the grounds that they were so riotous".

"He would get somewhat [obsessive-compulsive] about things that would intrigue him". Regardless of his condition, Wakim figured out how to wind up a predictable executive's lister.

Much the same as different understudies, he likewise experienced issues in time the board and following calendars, yet he generally figures out how to beat these difficulties.