A weepy goodbye scene between a Filipina DH (domestic helper) and her Chinese 'employer' and kid. Most of the kids whose parents are working daytime and even night time have their nanny (yaya) to take care of them.

Some kids have a bad experience with nanny but some have great moments. For sure this kid loves her nanny because she cried a lot after knowing that her nanny will be leaving to be back to Philippines.

Image from Kuching Talk video

A video of a Filipina yaya bidding a fond farewell to her boss and a young lady had netizens going enthusiastic.

It demonstrated how dismal and hurt the 'employers' were to see their caretaker go. The DH was in tears, as well, as she held the young lady she dealt with.

The crying babysitter was gradually conversing with the young lady; most likely advising her to fare thee well and be great. The video that was shared by a Chinese Facebook page Kuching Talk was overflowed with remarks and responses from both Chinese and Filipino netizens.

A great deal remarked that the video made them cry, as well. Netizen Lee Ling Phang stated, "Extremely close bond with the house keeper. Great to realize the boss treats their cleaning specialist like relative when some abuse theirs".

Netizen Jenna Harris, a Filipina who is likewise working in Hong Kong, shared what she does to abstain from harming her boss' youngsters.

She remarked, "That is the reason each time I return home for a get-away, I rather go out early morning and the children as yet dozing with the goal that they can't see me leaving". Another Chinese netizen Karen Ho additionally seen that maybe the nanny is great.

She expressed, "Kakak (nanny) more likely than not treated the young lady great, else she would not have miss her that much". The video has more than 1 million 'views' with more than 10,000 responses on Facebook.

Video courtesy of Facebook/Kuching Talk