Ronnie Liang isn't only a vocalist, he's additionally going to wind up a pilot. As indicated by an article by PEP, Liang took a flying course at the Strikeview Aviation Training Center in December a year ago.

In the wake of completing every one of his subjects for ground school in February, the singer and 'Pinoy dream academy' graduate made the following stride the next month by learning flight reproduction.

Image from IG @ronnieliang

Liang said "it has dependably been my fantasy to be a pilot and I trust that you can seek after your fantasies anytime in your life.

So here I am, making strides in satisfying that youth dream", as cited by the excitement site.

Image from IG @ronnieliang

The article likewise demonstrated a video transferred by Jojo Gabinete on YouTube where the artist can be seen flying a Cessna 152 airplane.

He said "it is frightening if there's a news of an airplane crashed, that is why I generally supplicate and atone every one of my wrongdoings before riding and driving a plane". Liang will most likely get his private pilot permit in April as per PEP.