Another report demonstrated that 11 of the 15 urban communities with the cleanest air in Southeast Asia have a place with the Philippines. The 2018 Air Quality Report from Switzerland-based IQ AirVisual and Greenpeace positioned Calamba, Laguna and Valenzuela City, Philippines as the best urban areas in Southeast Asia with the cleanest air.

Air neatness is estimated in the measure of fine particulate issue or PM2.5 (µg/m³). PM2.5 is a particulate issue --- surrounding airborne particles, which measures up to 2.5 microns in size, and respected to have gigantic wellbeing impacts.

Calamba City | Image from CarloIsles

Regular wellsprings of those incorporate ignition from vehicle motors, industry, wood and coal consuming, just as through different toxins responding in the air. The Philippines got a "moderate" rating under the Air Quality Index (AQI) with a normal of 14.6 µg/m³ of PM2.5 focus, setting 48th among 73 nations positioned with the most elevated particulate issue fixations.

The rating gives wellbeing suggestions for delicate people to keep away from open air action so as to dodge respiratory manifestations. The nation fared superior to Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam, which had higher particulate issue fixations.

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The report positioned Bangladesh as the most dirtied nation with 97.1 µg/m³ PM2.5 focus, while Iceland was considered the cleanest with 5 µg/m³ contamination fixation. Here is the rundown of the urban areas and districts in Southeast Asia with the cleanest air: Calamba City, Philippines (9.3 µg/m³); Valenzuela City, Philippines (9.9 µg/m³); Carmona, Philippines (10.9 µg/m³); Satun, Thailand (11.3 µg/m³); Parañaque City, Philippines (12.2 µg/m³); Davao City, Philippines (12.2 µg/m³); Makati City, Philippines (13.7 µg/m³); Manila City, Philippines (14.3 µg/m³); Mandaluyong City, Philippines (14.5 µg/m³); Singapore, Singapore (14.8 µg/m³); Narathiwat, Thailand (15.2 µg/m³); Balanga, Philippines (16.1 µg/m³); Quezon City, Philippines (17.5 µg/m³); Nan, Thailand (17.6 µg/m³); Las Piñas City, Philippines (17.9 µg/m³); Delhi, India was the most contaminated capital city at 113.5 µg/m³, and Wellington in New Zealand was the cleanest at 6.0 µg/m³.