After the heartbreaking news of Chokoleit's passing, there is a screenshot circulating around the web showing Pokwang's comment on Chokoleit's Instagram video --- dancing the #SwitchItUpChallenge.

Pokwang is Chokoleit's close friend in showbiz industry. They have been working together and both of them are star magic artists.

Images from IG @itspokwang27 | Instagram

On Chokoleit's IG video posted on the 9th of January, 2019, Pokwang left a comment saying, "Tapos nyan patay kana im sure!!! Hahahahhaaa waz up madlang pipol nga lang sa showtime kulang nalang sayo oxygen sa hingal bwahahahaaaa Chokoleit Garcia  RIP!! @hot_chokoleit bwahahahahaha katapusan mo na!!!!!!".

(After that [dance] you're dead I'm sure. [Laugh] even the "what's up madlang people" in Showtime, the only missing is oxygen because you are catching your breath so hard [laugh] Chokoleit Garcia RIP. [Tagged Chokoleit] [laugh] it's your end.)

On the 9th day of March, 2019, Chokoleit passed away after performing in Abra due to heart attack --- having hard time in breathing.

Chokoleit even said to the audience within his performance that 'he should be performing first because if he will be placed last to perform, he might not be able to reach the crowd'. He even added that the stage where he performed was one of the best stages he had performed on.

The 'switch it up' video, Chokoleit danced in red shirt, and on his performance in Abra he was wearing red-colored outfit. The video was posted on the 9th of January where Pokwang joked about Chokoleit's death, and 2 months later on the same number, 9th of March, the comedian, Chokoleit, passed away.

Some people blame the incident to Pokwang due to his 2 months ago comment, while others understand the friendship both of the comedians have.

An IG user even said, "i think kaya napacomment si @itspokwang27 kasi concern sya na sayaw ng sayaw si chokoleit alam n nyang may sakit sayaw pa, so gsto lang sabhn n pokwang na kung hnd ka titigil sa pagpapakapagod mamatay ka,, so sad lang na nagkatotoo kasi tlgng inuuna ni chokoleit ang mapasaya ang mga tao kesa sa kalusugan nya" (I think the reason why @itspokwang27 left the [passing] comment is she was concern because she might know that Chokoleit has an illness yet the comedian was still dancing. Pokwang might left the comment to tell Chokoleit to stop dancing or else Chokoleit will get tired and die. So sad, it became real because Chokoleit wanting to make people happy was his priority).

Pokwang posted recently an image of a 'crying clown painting' with heartbroken emoticons.

Instead of blaming the person, we should know that there is a reason behind the incident and hopefully all of us will just pray for Chokoleit's loving soul.