President Rodrigo Duterte marked a law that would expect bikes to have greater tags in an offered to keep bike riding offenders from escaping effectively in the wake of perpetrating a wrongdoing. On Thursday, Duterte marked Republic Act 11235 or the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act on March 8. A duplicate of the law was discharged by MalacaƱang.

The new law commands the Land Transportation Office to issue greater and comprehensible number plates for bikes.

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The substance of the number plates ought to be decipherable from the front, the back and the side of the bike from a separation of somewhere around 15 meters from the cruiser. The LTO is additionally requested to devise a shading plan of the discernible plate numbers for each area to effectively recognize where a cruiser was enlisted.

The individuals who might drive without a number plate or a comprehensible number plate would be rebuffed by prision correccional (a half year and one day to six years) or a fine of at least ₱50,000 however not more than ₱100,000 or both. A cruiser driven without a plate number or a comprehensible plate number would be seized by law implementers and quickly surrender to the Philippine National Police.

Under the law, the proprietor, driver or traveler of the bike who took an interest in a commission of wrongdoing would be rebuffed by hermitic lifestyle worldly (12 years and one day to 20 years) or antisocial nature perpetua (detainment for no less than 30 years). In the event that a cruiser is utilized in the commission of a wrongdoing comprising a light lawful offense, the proprietor, driver, backrider or traveler would be rebuffed by prision correccional (a half year and one day to six years) to prision civic chairman (six years and one day to 12 years).

On the off chance that the unlawful utilization of bike would result in death or genuine physical wounds, the punishment of antisocial nature perpetua would be forced. The law was a combination of Senate Bill 1397 and House Bill 8419, which were passed on Dec. 13, 2018 and Jan. 14, 2019, individually.

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Some people are not happy about it. A user said, 'instead of placing huge plate number, why not improve the cctv coverages, or add more police. This won't be useful because criminals won't buy a motorcycle and use it to do some crimes'.

One user responded, 'true! Some criminals just carnap motorcycles, so the plate number sizes doesn't matter, big or small plate number, criminals will be criminals. They will still be using stolen motorcycles and can even take those plate numbers away or replace it with fake ones. If they want solution, hire more police, make the ruling of cases faster, and make the punishment stricter'.

Another user said, 'this law is hunting criminals yet punishing the bikers who are not criminals. This is bullying, why the cars are not included? There are many criminals who are using cars, and van'.

Many bikers doesn't like the idea at all, and said 'they will not be voting for those officials who agree and written this law anymore'.