They say that mobile applications like YouTube Kids, Peppa Pig, and so on are being hacked to insert the Momo Challenge code.

Momo is a Japanese folklore, a "Mother Bird" with bulging eyes, and a huge beak-like mouth.

Image from WTWO

Many said that the challenge is to entice adults, and young ones who encounter the challenge to do what is ordered by Momo. Some of the people said, Momo has a Facebook, and WhatsApp accounts as well that chat you to perform the challenges, and if not done nor completed, Momo will find you to hurt you.

This Momo challenge is not the only challenge that goes viral that said to be harmful. Another game was "Blue Whale Challenge" which starts in a non-offensive nor harmful challenges, but after a few challenges, harmful challenge appears like hurting yourself, or even committing suicide.

Image from Pexels

One incident in PH, an 11-year old boy died from apparent suicide linking it to the trending Momo Challenge.

Parents should be vigilant to their kids especially when kids are sleeping in different rooms. It will always be better to take their phones away from them during sleeping hours for them not to be involved in any harmful activities.

There are a lot of harmful ideas that can teach kids, there are certain cartoons that involves hurting yourself, hideous images that translates offensive outcome, and more.

It would be better to educate your kids about mobile phone activities, and even inform them not to be afraid in asking questions to you (parents), or report if found some disturbing texts, images or videos online.