The most youthful individual from Big Bang, Lee Seung-hyun a.k.a. Seungri, has reported he will resign to battle the charges and to save his administration organization, YG Entertainment, and individual band individuals further shame, as per South Korea's Yonhap news office.

The choice came after news of the outrage spread via web-based networking media on Monday. Offers in YG slid by practically 16%, while other K-pop administration organizations likewise endured misfortunes. The 28-year-old is associated with providing whores to outside financial specialists at a few dance club in Seoul's upmarket Gangnam area.

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Prostitution is unlawful in South Korea. The charges against Seungri convey a jail sentence of as long as three years. He has denied the charges. Police are likewise researching cases that the Burning Sun dance club, where Seungri was an advertising chief, was associated with illicit medication use, rapes and police debasement, Yonhap announced.

His capture is the most recent embarrassment to discolor the notoriety of K-pop, some portion of the comprehensively fruitful Hallyu wave of Korean popular culture.

The kid band BTS alone are worth about $3.5bn toward the South Korean economy consistently, as per the Hyundai Research Institute. Seungri isn't the primary individual from Big Bang to have stood out as truly newsworthy for the wrong reasons. In 2011, G-Dragon was found smoking weed amid a show voyage through Japan, and in 2017, rapper TOP got a 10-month suspended sentence for maryjane use.

The episodes including YG stars provoked some to joke that the organization's initials represent Yak-Guk – Korean for drugstore. The examination has incited hypothesis the artist will be not able start his national administration this month. All healthy South Korean men matured 18-35 must serve for at least 21 months, a measure seen as an obstruction against North Korean hostility.

Seungri was expected to select on 25 March yet could request a suspension while he tends to the claims. Police have said they would at present have the capacity to lead their examination while Seungri is serving in the military, and military authorities have said the artist would need to present a composed demand for suspension.

South Korean media announced that officers had appropriated Seungri's international ID since he was authoritatively viewed as a suspect. The quintet, who have sold more than 140m records since their 2006 presentation, are taking a break while three of them complete military administration.

Seungri has dropped the rest of the dates in his performance visit. A great part of the response to his capture has been dooming, with certain fans calling for him to be kicked out of the band.

He said on his Instagram post "I have confronted overwhelming analysis from general society for the most recent month and a half and I'm being examined by every single analytical expert in the nation".

"As I've been marked as a 'national double crosser', I can't stand the way that I'm hurting others for the good of my own".

Image from Instagram post @seungriseyo

Below is his interpreted message on his recent IG post:

"This is Seungri. 

Now, I figure i should resign from media outlets. I settled on resigning from media outlets as the issues that I caused a societal unsettling influence with are excessively major. With respect to issues that are being explored, I will be examined constantly and uncover every one of the doubts. 

Getting analysis and despise from people in general for as far back as month and a half and with the circumstance of all the analytical organizations in the nation at present examining me, I am notwithstanding being cornered as a double crosser of the country. I for one can't endure making hurt everybody around me so as to spare myself. 

I earnestly thank the majority of the fans in and outside of Korea who have given me bunches of adoration for as far back as 10 years, and I think this is the place I stop regardless of whether it's in any event [to protect] the respect of YG and BIGBANG. 

Once more, I am sad and apologize indeed. 

I have been appreciative to everybody as of not long ago."