A post from Facebook got viral when a young lady named, Rubie Lyn Mendoza shared her sisters circumstance while chipping away at an inexpensive food chain.

The inscription of her says, "she has a working student sibling then they chose to eat in Mcdonalds, Navotas to visit her (posted laugh) then after we arrived, my sister told us that she was the only one on duty in the lobby, despite the fact that there are so many customers that time (posted laugh one more time), after she ordered their food, she saw their mom bussing out tables as well".

Images from Facebook/Rubie Lyn Mendoza

She ended it with emoticons and a hashtag, #ProudDaughterHere 😍😘.

You can plainly observe on the photograph that their mom do clean tables also just to help her girl on her work. The little girl said that she is only alone on her work day that day.

However there are such a significant number of clients that time, that is the reason our mom chosen to help. Distinctive responses were posted via web-based networking media also.

"Hoping that there will be a Clean AS YOU Go (CLAYGO) rule in the Philippines".

"You are a great mother and I salute you".

CLAYGO is an extremely basic standard to pursue on the off chance that it will be push through here in the Philippines.

Diverse foundations with nourishment in it is rehearsing this. Perhaps it isn't hard on the off chance that we can likewise execute it on cheap food chains. This isn't to decrease the quantity of representatives yet to assist every Filipino with being mindful on their waste.

They can completely suggest it even their out, voyaging or in a specific spot where garbage containers are not accessible. May this be an exercise to everyone that we should assume liability on our activities even our wastes.