A 40-year old Filipina domestic helper in Saudi was fired after mixing her employer's drink with her urine in belief that it will make her employer good towards her.

She admitted that she did mix her urine in believing that her employer will treat her better.

Image from ABS-CBN

"Someone told me that it will make your boss treat you good, that is why I place a small amount [of urine]", she said.

Her employer was suspecting after able to smell a urine in a drink.

The domestic helper did not admit it at first but her employer had the drink checked with a doctor and it was confirmed that it has a urine.

The employer got mad and instructed the Filipina to drink the water with urine. Her employer, then, reported the incident to the DH's agency --- who deployed her.

The Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) gave an advice not to do it [adding urine, or whatever to their employer's drink/food] even how mad they are to their bosses.

Image from World Atlas

Labor Attaché Nasser Munder said, "this is a lesson learned kababayan, that even how much you are mad to your employers, just report it to us, and we will be the one to fix it.

We can talk about how you feel with your sponsor. She should be thankful that the sponsor did not file a case".

She regretted what she did. "I will never ever [do it again]. I thought it will make my situation better".

The Filipinas is just three-month old in serving her employer. POLO-Overseas Workers Welfare Administration and her agency are now working her papers to be home in the Philippines.