Facebook, one of the most popular social medias in the world goes down for a long time for maintenance purposes. This could be, by far, the longest 'down' of Facebook.

Images from Standard.Co.Uk | Facebook

Few hours ago, Facebook users were automatically logged out, and some were not. The issue went known when some of the users can no longer login and was told that the app/website is under maintenance. Some were able to login in early today but can see nothing, can post nothing, can't do anything.

Some users say that this could be an issue with another app connected with Facebook as WhatsApp app is, as well, not working properly.

Aside from Facebook, Instagram went down, as well.

The social media is important to most of the people to connect with their loved ones who lives far away from them. The social media, as well, helped businesses reach their goals for a day.

The other thing, social media helps people do something while waiting for a time or event.

Image from The Verge

Having no Facebook even for hours may bore some other people, especially the alone ones. For others, this could be a good time to chitchat to someone who is beside you, share a quality time, and make the most out of a situation without holding a phone.

Well, we can't deny the fact that life was golden the past few years but don't tell me that social media platforms like Facebook did not make you enjoy your time, and mostly help you connect with your most important persons in life.