JK Labajo a.k.a. Juan Karlos, previous finalist of The Voice Kids season 1, and a Pinoy Big Brother celebrity housemate, called ABS-CBN's attention, in the wake of posting a progression of articles about him where he felt that he is by and large wrongly focused for appearing one side of the story.

He even remarked on the photographs utilized by the system where he supposes where ugly. JK was as of late associated with an issue where he was reviling before an expansive group amid a 'Rock' music celebration.

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The occurrence was provoked when a specific gathering of people part yelled Darren Espanto's name rather than his.

This blended JK's temper, realizing that he had a past issue with Darren in regards to an affirmed 'gayness' tweet which circled on the web. After the buzz online about his demonstration, JK again grabbed the eye of the netizens in the wake of leaving arrangement of disputable messages on his Instagram stories against ABS-CBN where he saw the utilization of "low-resolutioned" photographs of him in its articles.

"Dear ABS-CBN, Napapansin ko lang. Kapag may article kayo na tungkol sakin whether it be positive or negative one, palaging yung mga sobrang pangit na photographs ko pinipili niyo. Yung tipong radiances lahat ng ibang artista studio quality photographs with the best lighting ang mga pinipili ninyo pero pagdating sakin puro yung mga pinaka low res na tipong 3310 ang gamit sa pagkuha. Matagal ko nang napapansin yan ABS. Madami naman akong 'great quality na picture' gusto niyo ko sa inyo PM niyo lang ako. Nakakasama kayo ng 'feelings' ah", his message.

(Dear ABS-CBN, I just noticed. If you have an article about me, whether it be positive or negative one, you always select (to upload) my ugly angle images. A type of radiances, all of the artists have studio quality images (for article) with best lighting but when it comes to me, you place low resolution images, like a type of a 3310 took the photo. I have noticed it a long time ago ABS. I have a lot of great quality images, if you like just (Private Message) me. You're hurting my feelings ah.)

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The "Buwan" singer even gave a case of the said photograph post of ABS-CBN and left a message to likewise transfer his accounts to their articles. Second, he got out one of the articles of PUSH which was about Teddy Corpuz's response in regards to his activities amid his dramatic execution where it said that for Teddy what JK did was not proficient and as a craftsman, he should in any case regard his group of onlookers.

JK didn't care for what the amusement site did as indicated by him, he and Teddy talked and it was not what the vocalist completely implied.

He expressed that there is constantly different sides of the story and before bashers respond, they should initially know the unique situation. 

He stated, "So I conversed with papi teddy a little while ago and he disclosed to me his side of the story. Essentially the media --- is --- doing their media voodoo poo again of making an inquiry and afterward curving your words". "So fundamentally pinasama nila ang conclusion ni papi teddy. Ginawan nila ng paraan para magkaroon ng association ang sagot ni teddy sa issue ko. Teddy and I conversed with one another and apologized to one another kasi dapat nagmamahalan ang rockers".

He left a note to the media to likewise have some regard and not manhandle a craftsman by addressing him on the wrong spot. "I know you media peeps are simply carrying out your responsibility of bolstering all these chikas to pakialameros and pakialameras with the goal that they have something to discuss…

But I wish you all would simply give a tad of regard to NOT make an inquiry in regards to an alternate subject to somebody's presscon advancing their motion picture".

"And furthermore folks moral exercise.

There's constantly opposite sides to a story. Or then again even three. Entirely a great deal. In any case, before you do/say something dependably know the unique situation. Try not to do what I simply did".

He also shared Teddy's announcement on getting things out with him, which demonstrated that the two are in great terms.

"It was extraordinary conversing with you sibling to get things out. Ang saya lang kasi hindi tayo natibag nang sistema. More capacity to your music sibling! Give me a chance to cherish this day and our little discussion. Mabuhay ka sibling and see you soon!"

JK likewise elucidated that what he did was not to be 'dad cool' yet it was fairly only a moment response to his feelings.

He stated, "And furthermore, I'm not endeavoring to be 'dad cool' with what I did. I never conceded to the possibility that swearing makes somebody cool.

In spite of the fact that I don't differ also. It's simply that what happened was a wild upheaval of my pissed-of feelings, which at that point lead me to turn thy channels off and vocally share what I had in my present perspective". He included, "well, at any rate folks maraming salamat sa pagsubay-narrows sa ating scene for now. Stop nako kasi baka sabihin ni ABS "see you in court" nako po".

He proceeded in a later note that he doesn't generally like the stimulation site PUSH of ABS-CBN for he trusts that it has been one-sided. "Pero side note talagang matagal ko nang di fervor yang Push na yan. "Biased BS" dapat name niyo. Mga kupal amp".