An elder broke his muffler after being caught by traffic enforcers, but half a month after, a blessing came in as Wheeltek, a motorcycle dealer in the town, reached him to offer a brand new motorcycle.

The photo of Tatay Elizardo Berbo went viral that make people mad at the enforcer, and most are sad about how he was treated by the enforcers.

Images from Facebook

Yes, there is a traffic regulation, and the enforcers were doing their job to keep the roads safe, but most of the netizens were hoping to give tatay Elizardo a chance as the old man may not afford to buy a new one.

This incident happened in Valencia, Bukidnon. Tatay Elizardo is driving a cruiser with a noisy and aggravating suppressor sound, but who knows, he may not be updated about the regulation, or so on.

His muffler was crushed by him as this coldhearted traffic enforcers told him to do so, and even gave the elder a petty criminal offense ticket, and confiscated his motorcycle.

Gladly, the photo went viral and it reached to Wheeltek Nationwide.

Image from Facebook/Wheeltek

The Wheeltek Nationwide posted on their Facebook page, this corroded yet solid bike of Tatay Elizardo has been with him for very nearly 10 years as of now, making it an invaluable belonging for the old and wistful man.

Wheeltek --- a neighborhood multi-brand bike merchant in the nation filled in as a Good Samaritan and was liberal enough to swap Tatay Elizardo's motorcycle all for FREE! In a Facebook post back in February 2018, Wheeltek gladly declared that they are giving Tatay Elizardo a fresh out of the plastic new TVS XL100 as a blessing and substitution to his bike.

Image from Facebook/Wheeltek

The Facebook post composed "this is our method for offering back to individuals in need. Tatay Elizardo has been with his bike for a long time now and with the assistance of Atty. Genaro C. Cadigal City Administrator of Valencia, we at Wheeltek engine deals company and TVS Motors Philippines reached tatay Elizardo and conveyed the fresh out of the box new TVS XL100 as a blessing". The liberal cruiser merchant said this is their method for "showing proactive kindness".

Image from Facebook/Wheeltek

Wheeltek Nationwide included "we know tatay Elizardo wants to ride his bike and we won't let a basic episode frustrate his enthusiasm for riding.

This is our method for showing preemptive kindness, to tatay Elizardo make the most of your new bicycle and we realize that it will work well for you since TVS bicycles are worked to last.

Remain safe and ride safe tatay!!!". In view of the photographs transferred by Wheeltek, they even conveyed the spic and span bike at Tatay Elizardo's doorstep which made him extremely upbeat, simply take a gander at those grins.