A 16-year old student runs away from his parents to be with his girlfriend who happened to be a teacher. The young fellow, just distinguished as 'Noel', met the educator named Angelica Uy via web-based networking media.

Image from YouTube/Raffy Tulfo in Action

At the time, Noel was a Grade 9 understudy at Trece Martires National High School in Trece Martires, Cavite. In spite of the fact that his mom cautioned Noel not to get together with Angelica since he doesn't generally know her identity, the high schooler was so enamored with the wonderful lady he met on Facebook that he wouldn't tune in.

After their first gathering, Noel conveyed Angelica to their home, however was irate when his mom would not let the young lady inside his room.

At the time, Angelica presented herself as a 15-year-old understudy and was wearing a school uniform, driving Noel's folks to trust she was that youthful. Noel's mom protected the two, ensuring Angelica couldn't get inside Noel's room.

This drove the adolescent to go out with his better half, heading off to her home in Bulacan. The high schooler would before long find that she wasn't who she professed to be and was really an educator at a preschool in Baclaran. She gave him endowments, giving him a PC and cell phone in addition to 'costly garments from SM', his mom uncovered.

Parents of Noel | Image from YouTube/Raffy Tulfo in Action

The educator likewise professed to be rich as she is the little girl of a rich Chinese representative, however Noel isn't allowed to go to their home as her folks don't favor of him. Since Noel won't return home, his folks needed to look for assistance from Raffy Tulfo with the expectation this would persuade Angelica to 'discharge' the high schooler. Noel's father isn't irate with the circumstance, however he approaches his child to return home and complete his examinations first. After graduation, he guarantees to release him back to Angelica however advises him that he should graduate first in light of the fact that the contraptions he gets from his sweetheart are impermanent; he could without much of a stretch purchase those once he has a decent paying activity later on.