A bus conductor is now the newest eye candy in the Philippines. The guy is wearing a pink polo-shirt.

KC Dauden shared a photo when she traveled riding a bus, at a glance, she found something worthy of a photo so she took some. The photo was then uploaded by Stories & Secrets PH.

Images from Facebook/KC Dauden

It says: "Sakay ng bus, pauwi ng bahay. Na-sight ko si koya, biglang pumintig ang aking placenta. 

ME: “Kyah, bayad po...isa, single.” (Inabot ko ang 1k) KONDUKTOR: “Saan ho ‘to?”

ME: “Ibaba niyo na lang po ako sa bahay niyo. SA BAHAY NIYO, KYAH! Naglayas po kasi ako sa’min. PARANG AWA NIYO NA PO, KYAH! Sa’yo na po ‘yung sukli. SA’YO NA PO AKO! Kyaaaaaaaaah...”

JEZKELERD! Sakit ng matres ko. 😋😋😋"

(Riding a bus, going home. I saw a guy, my placenta went throbbing. ME: Kyah, my payment... riding for one, single. (reaching my payment). CONDUCTOR: This is going where? ME: Just pull the break when we reached your house. [Going] to your house Kyah! I ran away from my home. Have mercy, Kyah! Keep the change, and keep me as well. Kyaaaaaah..)

Image from Facebook/KC Dauden

Dauden then notified the public that the caption from what is posted in Stories & Secrets PH Facebook page was not made by her.

But the most asked by people, "who is this guy?" the newest eye-candy in PH. All I can see is the bus is going to Baclaran based on the photo.