Thursday, Philippine time, The World's Best battle round started and PH contender, the TNT boys, made their way to the next round.

TNT Boys members Francis Concepcion, Mackie Empuerto, and Kiefer Sanchez were in a battle with a wildcard contender from South Korea, a popping dancers Emotional Line.

Image from YouTube/The World's Best

Jennifer Holiday's "And I Am Telling You" was the song the TNT Boys gave colors. With such power, projection, and fierceness, they were able to get a standing ovation from the judges.

RuPaul Charles said "I already love them".

He added, "I couldn’t think I could love them any more".

Image from YouTube/The World's Best

And, "But my goodness, every note, pitch perfect. You boys are fabulous".

Drew Barrymore was amazed as well to what did the boys just perform on stage. Faith Hill highlighted that she was "witnessing superstars".

TNT Boys got a perfect score from United States' judges. 50 from RuPaul, 50 from Faith, 50 from Drew. Emotional Line on the other hand got a total average of 40 points from US judges.

A few minutes, the judges from the different country (wall) revealed their agreement and most are in favor of the TNT Boys.

The TNT Boys got a total score of 97 points and they are advancing to the next round.

Last week, Dimash Kudaibergen got the highest point among the other contestants in the battle round that time, securing 94 points.

Here is the TNT Boys performance this week.

Video courtesy: World's Best