Last Thursday, Filipinos briefly stopped to appeal to God for the country, Philippines. 

Bing Pimentel, author convenor of the PasaLord Prayer Movement, trusts the synchronized national snapshot of petition was a noteworthy event. She said in an announcement "never has the Philippines or any nation on the planet delayed every one of their exercises for a minute to lift the country up to God Almighty".

Image from Violy Valdez Ferrer

Pimentel included that "envision, the entire country halting all exercises for one moment to lift our pioneers, our families, our nation up to God --- a whole country going to God for harmony, solidarity and success".

At early afternoon Thursday, Filipinos wherever they might be presented the "Petition for Peace in the Philippines" which has an English, Filipino, Cebuano, and Hiligaynon variant. The English form of the supplication is composed underneath: "Omnipotent God, in Your benevolence and sympathy, pardon our wrongdoings and the transgressions of our kin".

Look with support upon us as we appeal to God for our nation, the Philippines. Favor our pioneers with knowledge, respectability, honesty and exemplary nature.

"Maintain our families and guard our youngsters. Help us be upstanding and moral nationals, living respectively calmly, with truthfulness, adoring benevolence, acknowledgment, resistance and pardoning". "Shield us from outside attack and damaging impacts, and guard us from demonstrations of rebellion, fear based oppression and war".

"Concede our nation harmony, solidarity and thriving, and achieve the change of our country with the goal that we might be Your light to Asia and the world. So be it". Pimentel said, "we don't have to gather in any setting so as to supplicate together. We are altogether joined to each other when we join ourselves in soul".

She included that 'she have most likely that together, we can change the profound atmosphere of the Philippines with the goal that all the decency that we have been endeavoring to do may have a superior shot of accomplishment'.