Moms can now enjoy a longer paid-maternity leave as Presidente Rodrigo Duterte marked Expanded Maternity Leave (EML) to law.

Under the measure, every single working mother are ensured with 105 days of paid maternity leave credits, with 7 days transferable to fathers.

Image from Pexels

An extra 15 days will be allowed to single parents. Under the past law, utilized ladies are qualified for 60 days of paid leave for typical conveyance and 78 days for caesarian conveyance.

The EML bill passed Congress in October 2018 and was transmitted to the Palace on 21st day of January 2019.

Image from The Star/KJ Rosales

Many parents would love to share more time with their kids especially, those kids are in need of parents' tender love and care. Babies need nourishment, most importantly the mother's breast milk, for them to be healthier.

This would not only make them closer to their offspring but it will also help them financially as this is all paid leave.