The Makati City Prosecutor's Office has expelled the case, which is qualified theft, filed by Kris Aquino against her previous undertaking chief Nicanor "Nicko" Falcis, who was additionally overseeing executive of KCAP (Kris Cojuangco Aquino Productions). On Monday, Makati senior appointee city investigator, Emmanuel Medina, affirmed Assistant City Prosecutor Paolo Barcelona's order, moving for the rejection of the case for absence of reasonable justification.

This was one of the protests held up against Falcis in a few urban areas over his asserted charging of more than ₱1 million to a BDO corporate card under Aquino's organization KCAP without assent from the previous.

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The charges documented in Makati originated from 13 claimed exchanges adding up to ₱404,794.34.

The request read "no proof was given respect to any assention among Aquino and Falcis as respects the utilization of the subject Mastercard [under Falcis' name]".

Medina clarified that with Falcis' name on the card, he could utilize it as indicated by the terms forced by BDO and "utilizing it for individual costs does not make him at risk for burglary". Based on the order "As cardholder, Falcis is by and by at risk to BDO for any sums charged to the card. It is consequently that Falcis' name shows up in the Visas articulation of record. Consequently, ought to Falcis now pay his Mastercard charge, BDO can specifically start legitimate activities against him to propel him to pay".

It included "he is just obligated to BDO for the card exchanges that he had made utilizing the card". On Friday, Aquino additionally recorded her counter-sworn statement on a grave risk body of evidence stopped against her by Nicko and his sibling Jesus before the Quezon City Prosecutor's Office.

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She told journalists "I didn't undermine to execute Nicko. I was irate at them so I said something when [I was] talked with last Sept. 27, 2018.

I was planning to by and by meet them today. In any case, they are not here. We should meet on next hearing on March 8". The Divina law office, which is taking care of the case, said the grave danger case was an insignificant "reconsideration, a measly ploy to strike back" and to react to the ₱45-million qualified-burglary body of evidence documented against Nicko.

Aquino said her brutal words against Nicko were to a greater degree a danger of lawful activity. Her counter-affirmation said the Falcis siblings neglected to submit to the investigator a sound account of her supposed danger.

Aquino called attention to, "what they submitted was a negligible screen capture of an article about the sound chronicle, making it a noise and forbidden in court". Aquino, who was joined by children Joshua and Bimby and sister Balsy, communicated certainty that the protest recorded against her future rejected.