The BSP (Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas) has issued crisp cautioning against malevolent activities or wrongdoings that devastates banknotes and coins, or the nation's money, and is reminding the general population that such is a culpable offense. The national bank said in an announcement, "the BSP cautions the general population that the unshakable disfigurement, mutilation, tearing, consuming or demolition of Philippine banknotes and coins are deserving of a fine of not more than P20,000 as well as detainment of not over five years".

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The BSP is vested with police specialist to explore, make captures, and direct inquiries and seizures as per law, to maintain the trustworthiness of the money. Correctional facility time is endorsed under Presidential Decree No. 247 which likewise expresses that "banknotes and coins are issued for course as vehicle of trade and to use them for different purposes does not say nothing but good things about the due appreciation and nobility befitting our cash".

The BSP precluded demonstrations of disfigurement or potentially mutilation of Philippine cash incorporates the accompanying: composing or putting blemishes on banknotes; tenacious tearing, consuming, or devastation, in any way, of Philippine cash; stiff-necked and extreme collapsing or folding that outcomes in a breakdown of the structure and relaxation of the banknote; determinedly causing numerous arbitrary overlays over the whole banknote that intensely influence its visual appearance; and adamantly uncovering banknotes or coins to synthetic compounds or different materials bringing about the quickening of the disfigurement, obliteration, or characteristic mileage of the note or coin.

What's more, the BSP is emphatically demoralizing people in general from other inappropriate methods for taking care of banknotes, for example, utilizing staple, or use glues on banknotes and coins as these "will bargain their auxiliary honesty". The warning said "the BSP urges people in general to report any data on inappropriate treatment of Philippine money to the closest police headquarters or law authorization organization, for suitable activity, or contact the Currency Management Sector for help at Tel. Nos. 988-4833 and 926-5092".

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In July of a year ago, the BSP has begun working with the National Bureau of Investigation to counteract banknotes and coins' ill-advised taking care of via web-based networking media, including the posting of imaginary monetary forms. Since 2017, the BSP's battle against guilty parties damaging nearby cash has been raising after reports of Philippine monetary standards being disfigured and consumed via web-based networking media.